Welcome to Black Art Dynamics... little corner of the web where I ramble about vehicle dynamics related subjects like brake bias, load transfer distributions and thrust curves.

A lot of aspects of vehicle performance are considered 'black arts' by many. But I disagree.

Most of the time, things can usually be explained though hardcore maths, and that understandably is why very few people really delve past internet hearsay to discover the truth.

This site is designed to take all the maths that tends to shroud a hugely interesting subject in mystery, and hide it behind (as best possible) a fast, slick, user friendly GUI. The aim being to make information that was previously the staple diet of beardy chaps with stacks of textbooks and calculators with far too many buttons, and make it a quick and easy, free online reference material.

Update Feb 2016!

I am in the process of transferring all apps over to a new website, hopefully the ones already done should redirect automatically!